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Clean & Caring Economy Tour with Mike Schreiner

Mike Schreiner, Leader of the Green Party of Ontario and MPP for Guelph, made a stop in Sarnia on his Clean & Caring Economy Tour. Mike and his team are spreading the word that the clean, green economy employs more Canadians than does the non-renewable  sector. Peter Smith, Sarnia-Lambton’s Federal Candidate, helped organize Schreiner’s visit to the area. 

The first stop was a greenhouse that exemplifies environmentally sustainable practices. Owners shared that being environmentally friendly is often more economically friendly, too. Instead of pesticides that must be applied regularly in order to combat pest problems, this operation implements an ecosystem of insects to regulate pests.

At the next stop, Alton Farms Estate Winery, Smith and Schreiner received a tour of the property, and a chance to sample the wines.  Marc Alton shared that he opened this local winery, in part, to broaden possibilities for young farmers and entrepreneurs. It’s next to impossible for a young person to break into the farming business, but starting a small vineyard is within reach for some.


After a delicious lunch at Alton Farms, the Green Team carried on to LCY Biosciences facility in chemical valley. This company makes succinic acid, an ingredient in plastic, using glucose from Ontario corn as feedstock. It was fascinating to see the steps, from beginning to end. By using local and renewable products to fuel its production, LCY Biosciences is pioneering a cleaner alternative to traditional plastic.

“The earth provides what its people need,” this was Sharilyn Johnston’s message at Aamjiwnaang’s Maajiigin Gumig Greenhouse. The earth is providing plentiful bergamot in Aamjiwnaang. Bergamot helps with respiratory healing, a health issue that can be caused by polluted air. Maajiigin Gumig’s mission is to rescue and restore plants that make up this area’s natural ecosystem, and which local animals and bugs depend on to survive.