Lorraine Dolbear

Lorraine Dolbear is a trained Social Worker. As your Member of Parliament, her passion for hearing every voice will help make a difference in Sarnia-Lambton. The Green Party offers a triple bottom line promise that fits with Lorraine’s vision of a thriving economy, environment and culture. It is her goal to build on Sarnia-Lambton’s strengths by improving access to gainful employment, social supports, and sustainable living.

Lorraine earned her first degree in Biochemistry and Genetics at Western University. Following that, Lorraine began working for a non-profit organization that provides employment supports to people with disabilities and barriers. She earned her second degree in Social Work at King’s University College. Using this training, Lorraine taught coping skills to elementary school aged children to improve social and academic success.

As a volunteer, Lorraine provides practical supports and advocacy with the goal of ending poverty. Her commitment to modest and sustainable living is evident in her personal life. She buys and sells second hand items, as well as uses healthful recipes for cleaning and hygiene products. It is time for a new approach to governing the country. Lorraine serves with determination, optimism, and a fresh perspective.

Lorraine’s deep respect for the First Nations of this land informs her lens on policy. Prudent policy focuses on wise spending, social supports and access to sustainable living. Learning from local indigenous leaders will help Lorraine improve Sarnia-Lambton’s stewardship of the land. What is more, she plans to work together with the power plants to support their green programs and collaborate on the future of energy.

In her twenties, Lorraine accepted Jesus as her savior. She relies on God to provide strength, growth and guidance in every aspect of her life. Together with her husband, Graham, Lorraine is raising a one-and-half-year-old daughter. They enjoy family outings, exploring the outdoors, and spending time with extended family and friends. In her spare time, Lorraine delights in using her creative side to take photos, write, and make scrapbooks.

Please feel welcome to contact Lorraine by phone: 519-851-0464 or email:

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