Peter Smith Speaks To Sarnia Sustainability Ambassadors

Sarnia Sustainability Ambassadors are proving that young people desire to get engaged politically. This group, comprised mainly of young adults, has arranged to meet with Federal Candidates from each major political party in Sarnia-Lambton. The topic being discussed is the environment. 

Green Candidate, Peter Smith, was guest speaker at this week’s SSA meeting. Smith eagerly shared The Green Party’s vision and platform, and answered some very compelling questions raised by attendees. Continue reading for some highlights.

How would the Green Party be different than the other parties when it comes to dealing with climate change?

  1. The Green Party is the only party to set emission reduction policies that are consistent with meeting 2030 targets set by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. 
  2. Greens will form a multi-party cabinet to address climate change, an approach used to problem solve during World War II. Climate change should not be a partisan issue. It will only be solved by bringing together the best people from all walks of life. 

Wouldn’t Green Party policies cause major job losses to the workers in Chemical Valley?

There are many positive, good uses for plastic, for example using PVC piping to build India’s water and sewage infrastructure. Sarnia makes many such useful products, and that will not change. What does need to change is the level of emissions released by the burning of fossil fuels. 

Electric cars are often discussed as a big part of the solution to reducing emissions. Aren’t electric cars just as bad for the environment as ones with internal combustion engines due to lithium mining and the emissions produced to create electricity?

Producing gasoline from oil is worse environmentally than lithium mining. In Ontario, the electric grid is almost 100% fossil fuel free, thus electric vehicles have low emissions from driving.

What are the Green Party’s ideas for meeting the recommended 1.5 degree temperature increase?

  1. Update building code regulations for energy efficiency, create a retrofit program for existing buildings, all with the added benefit of creating jobs for tradespeople.
  2. Improve transit infrastructure in larger cities, which will reduce the number of people driving automobiles. Invest in VIA rail to bolster this form of transportation for longer distances.
  3. Green Party policies will provide incentives to forestry and agriculture industries for practices that reduce emissions and lock carbon into the soil.
  4. Maintain existing Carbon Tax and Rebate to reduce emissions, and supplement with incentive programs.